Tom Cardy's influence on mountain biking resonates deeply within the community. His journey, ignited in 2007 by a fervent passion for tricks, evolved into a mastery of freestyle riding. By 2014, Tom's exceptional talent garnered him the titles of FMB World Tour rookie of the year and UK Dirt Jump Champion, complemented by victories in over 20 national and international events. Transitioning to YouTube in 2018, Tom's dynamic content showcases not only his diverse riding skills but also his innovative approach to filming. Through his videos, he continues to captivate audiences worldwide, inspiring riders of all ages to push their boundaries. Tom's unwavering dedication to the sport and his creative flair have solidified his status as a pivotal figure in mountain biking, leaving an enduring legacy that enriches the community with every ride and every upload.

A Closer Look at Tom's Bike Storage

Tom ha separado sus bicicletas 350 mm y las ha colgado a alturas alternas para meter aún más bicicletas en un espacio reducido. Tiene 8 bicicletas en Steadyracks, 6 en una pared y 2 en la más pequeña. Cargar sus bicicletas de esta manera significa que puede sacar más provecho de un espacio reducido sin dejar de ser capaz de pivotar de lado a lado para acceder a la moto que quiere montar.

Tom's Bike Shed

Tom has built a bike storage shed and installed two Steadyrack eBike Racks spaced 500mm apart. This has allowed him to store more of his bike collection securely without overcrowding his workshop. Check out Tom's bike shed creation here.